MSU E-mail

Your “Admit Packet” from the Office of Admissions included a form with your PID (personal ID number starting with the letter “A”), PAN (personal access number), and instructions to activate your MSU NetID. Your NetID—an identifier automatically generated from your name—comes before “” in your MSU e-mail address.

Your MSU e-mail and NetID are very important, as they serve as your communication link to MSU Law. They also serve as passcodes for you to access resources only available to MSU students. Check your MSU e-mail regularly for important academic information from the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Student Engagement, as well as daily announcements from the Events Office.

Use your MSU e-mail account to send messages to MSU Law faculty and staff. Do not set up your MSU e-mail account to automatically forward to another account (e.g., Gmail or Yahoo! Mail), as important e-mails may be filtered or discarded as spam or junk mail.