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Kristi L. Bowman

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Educational Policy and the Law, with Mark Yudof, Betsy Levin, Rachel Moran & James Ryan (5th ed., 2012, Wadsworth, Cengage Learning; previous editions published by West and Thomson West).

Law Review Articles

Before School Districts Go Broke: A Proposal for Federal Reform, 79 Univ. of Cincinnati Law Review 895(2011).

Pursuing Educational Opportunities for Latino/a Students, 88 North Carolina Law Review 913 (2010).

The Civil Rights Roots of Tinker’s Disruption Tests, 57 American Univ. Law Review 1129(2009).

A New Strategy for Pursuing Racial and Ethnic Equality in Public Schools, 1 Duke Forum for Law & Social Change 47 (2009).

Rebuilding Schools, Rebuilding Communities: The Civic Role of Mississippi’s Public Schools after Hurricane Katrina, book chapter in Children and Disasters: What We Have Learned From the Hurricanes of 2005 (2009, ABA), excerpted in 77 Mississippi Law Journal 711 (2008).

Public School Students’ Religious Speech and Viewpoint Discrimination, 110 West Virginia Law Review 187 (2007).

An Empirical Study of Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design Instruction in Public Schools, 36 Journal of Law & Education 301(2007).

Seeing Government Purpose Through the Objective Observer’s Eyes: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Debates, 29 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 417 (2006).

The New Face of School Desegregation, 50 Duke Law Journal 1751 (2001) (note).

Essays and Short Articles for International and Multidisciplinary Audiences

Plyler’s Legacy: Immigration and Higher Education in the 21st Century, with Michael A. Olivas, 2011 Michigan State Law Review 261 (symposium introduction); reprinted in __ Immigration and Nationality Law Review __ (2012).

Before School Districts Go Broke: A Proposal for Federal Reform, Education Week (April 20, 2011) (1,200-word op-ed adapted from a law review article published in 79 Univ. of Cincinnati Law Review 895(2011); print circulation 50,000 and online access).

The Evolution Battles in High School Science Classes: Who is Teaching What?, 6:2 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 69 (March 2008) (peer-reviewed science journal, official journal of the Ecological Society of America, print circulation 10,000).

Science Under Siege, Counsel 8 (April 2006) (solicited article in the official journal of the bar of England and Wales, print circulation 23,000).

A Different Shade of Brown: Latinos and School Desegregation, 88:2 Judicature 85 (2004) (solicited article, peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the American Judicature Society).

Contributions to Legal Reference Texts

CQ Press Encyclopedia of the First Amendment (2008, Congressional Quarterly Press). Author of essays about Epperson v. Arkansas (1968), Evolution, Marsh v. Chambers (1946), and West Virginia v. Barnette (1943).

Black’s Law Dictionary (9th ed., 2006, Thomson West Publishing Group).  Edited over 100 pages of text, modified definitions and suggested new terms and definitions.

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