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Barbara O'Brien

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Catherine M. Grosso & Barbara O’Brien, A Stubborn Legacy: The Overwhelming Importance of Race in Jury Selection in 173 Post-Batson North Carolina Capital Trials (forthcoming in the University of Iowa Law Review).

Barbara O’Brien & Catherine M. Grosso, Confronting Race: How a Confluence of Social Movements Convinced North Carolina to Go where the McCleskey Court Wouldn't (forthcoming in the Michigan State Law Review).

Barbara O'Brien, Samuel Sommers, & Phoebe C. Ellsworth, Ask and What Shall Ye Receive? A Guide for Using and Interpreting What Jurors Tell Us (forthcoming in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Social Change).

Barbara O'Brien & Daphna Oyserman, The Shield of Defense or the Sword of Prosecution: How Self-Regulatory Focus Relates to Responses to Crime, 40 J. of Applied Soc. Psychol. 1849 (2010).

Barbara O'Brien, A Recipe for Bias: An Empirical Look at the Interplay Between Institutional Incentives and Bounded Rationality in Prosecutorial Decision Making, 74 Mo. L. Rev. 999 (2009).

Barbara O'Brien, Prime Suspect: An Examination of Factors that Aggravate and Counteract Confirmation Bias in Criminal Investigations, 15 Psychol. Pub. Pol'y & L. 315 (2009).

Barbara O'Brien & Daphna Oyserman, It's Not Just What You Think, But How You Think about It: The Effect of Situationally-Primed Mindsets on Legal Judgments and Decision-making, 92 Marq. L. Rev. 149 (2008).

Samuel R. Gross & Barbara O'Brien, Frequency and Predictors of False Conviction: Why We Know So Little, and New Data on Capital Cases, 5 J. Empirical Legal Stud. 927 (2008).

Norbert L. Kerr, Franklin J. Boster, Craig R. Callen, Mary E. Braz, Barbara O'Brien, & Irwin Horowitz, Jury Nullification Instructions as Amplifiers of Bias, 6 Int'l Comment. on Evidence, issue 1, article 2 (2008).

Comment, Animal Welfare Reform and the Magic Bullet: The Use and Abuse of Subtherapeutic Doses of Antibiotics in Livestock, 67 U. Colo. L. Rev. 407 (1996).

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