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Mae Kuykendall

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Law Review Articles

President Bush, Gay Marriage, and the Constitution: A Tangled Web, 13 Widener Law Journal 799 (2004) (by invitation)

Reflections on a Corporate Law Draftsman: Ernest L. Folk’s Lessons for Writing and Judging Corporate Law, 35 Rutgers Law Journal 391 (2004)

Introduction to Michigan State University College of Law Sarbanes-Oxley Symposium: Enforcement, Enforcement, Enforcement, (with Elliot Spoon), 2004 Michigan State Law Review 271

Liberty in a Divided and Experimental Culture: Respecting Choice and Enforcing Connection in the American Family, 12 UCLA Women’s Law Journal 251 (2003)

Comment on Gay Marriages and Civil Unions: Democracy, the Judiciary and Discursive Space in the Liberal Society, 52 Mercer Law Review 1003 (2001)

Assessment and Evaluation: Retheorizing the Evolving Rules of Director Liability, 8 Journal of Law & Policy 1 (1999) (by invitation)

Comment on Kostant: Tune in to Hear Stories of Corporate Governance, the Adventures of the Go-Between and More Exciting Tales of Corporate Law, 28 Journal of Socio-Economics 259 (1999) (response by invitation)

Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage as a Story about Language: Linguistic Failure and the Priority of a Living Language, 34 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 385 (1999)

Symmetry and Dissonance in Corporate Law: Perfecting Exoneration of Directors, Corrupting Indemnification and Straining the Framework of Corporate Law, 1998 Columbia Business Law Review 443 (1998)

Johnny Mack Brown, 7 Texas Journal of Women & Law 123 (1997)

An Essay on Defined Terms and Cultural Consensus, 13 Journal of Law & Policy 199 (1997)

A Neglected Policy Option: Indemnification of Directors for Amounts Paid to Settle Derivative Litigation -- Looking Past "Circularity" to Context and Reform, 32 San Diego Law Review 1063 (1995)

Other Publications

Gay Marriage, Federalism and Democracy: Professor Dale Carpenter Answers Questions Posed by Senate Republicans, Amicus (Winter 2003-04)

Letter to the Editor, The New York Times (arguing that expedited legislative action to permit Mayor Giuliani to run for reelection would not harm democracy but the value of procedural regularity and predictability (September 21, 2001)

Letter to the Editor, The New York Times (clarifying the difference between a right of reproductive choice and a right to elect representatives to make policy on reproductive choice) (October 12, 2000)

Who Should Dictate the Meaning of Marriage? San Francisco Chronicle, February 2, 2000 (with Wildenthal)

Rachel and the Law, 2 Dicta 35 (literary journal formerly published at Harvard Law School) (1983)

Works in Progress

An Intellectual History of the Corporate Federalism Debate

Corporate Law as Text

Elite Discourse, Regular Folks, and the Silence Principle

Business Law and Narrative

Articles Publications Prior to Law Career

Review of Goldman's Ineffective Justice: Evaluating the Preappeal Conference in Appellate Court Administrative Review 19 (1980)

Appellate Courts Facts and Figures, 4 State Court Journal 2 (with Thomas B. Marvell) (1980)

Should Hidden Standards Shape Our Courts? 61 Judicature 57, 94 (1977)

Judicial Activism: A Measure of Intrasystem Conflict, 2 Research Previews 20 (with Richard J. Richardson and Darlene Walker) (1973)

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