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Brian C. Kalt

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Constitutional Cliffhangers: A Legal Guide for Presidents and Their Enemies (Yale University Press, 2012).

Sixties Sandstorm: The Fight over Establishment of a Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (Michigan State University Press 2001).

Law Review Publications

Winning Recounts: Essential Mathematical and Statistical Insights for Election Lawyers, 30 Journal of Law & Politics 141 (2015).

The Application of the Disqualification Clause to Congress: A Response to Benjamin Cassady, “You’ve Got Your Crook, I’ve Got Mine”: Why the Disqualification Clause Doesn’t (Always) Disqualify, 33 Quinnipiac Law Review 7 (2014).

The Ninth Amendment in Congress, 40 Pepperdine Law Review 75 (2012).

Explaining, Defending, and Exporting the Socratic Method, 27 Soongsil Law Review 309 (2012) (partially translated into Korean).

Politics and the Federal Appointments Process, 5 Harvard Law & Policy Review (Online), Apr. 5, 2011,

Tabloid Constitutionalism: How a Bill Doesn't Become a Law, 96 Georgetown Law Journal 1971 (2008).

Keeping Recess Appointments in Their Place, 101 Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy 88 (2007),; and Keeping Tillman Adjournments in Their Place: A Rejoinder to Seth Barrett Tillman, 101 Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy 108 (2007),

Crossing Eight Mile: Juries of the Vicinage and County-Line Criminal Buffer Statutes, 80 Washington Law Review 271 (2005).

The Perfect Crime, 93 Georgetown Law Journal 675 (2005).

Three Levels of Stare Decisis: Distinguishing Common-Law, Constitutional, and Statutory Cases, 8 Texas Review of Law & Politics 277 (2004).

The Exclusion of Felons from Jury Service, 53 American University Law Review 65 (2003).

“American Perspective,” in MSU–DCL Tri-Panel on the Election Process: A Discussion of the 2000 Elections in The United States, Canada, and Mexico, 10 Michigan State University Detroit College of Law Journal of International Law 109 (2001).

The Constitutional Case for the Impeachability of Former Federal Officials: An Analysis of the Law, History, and Practice of Late Impeachment, 6 Texas Review of Law & Politics 13 (2001).

The People’s Forest and Levy’s Trees: Popular Sovereignty and the Origins of the Bill of Rights, 17 Constitutional Commentary 119 (2000).

Death, Ethics, and the State, 23 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 487 (2000).

Wade H. McCree, Jr., and the Office of the Solicitor General, 1977–1981, 1998 Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University Law Review 703.

The Presidential Privilege Against Prosecution, 2 Nexus 11 (1997) (with Akhil Reed Amar).

Note, Pardon Me?: The Constitutional Case Against Presidential Self-Pardons, 106 Yale Law Journal 779 (1996).

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