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Daniel D. Barnhizer

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Law Review Articles

Inequality of Bargaining Power, 76 Colorado Law Review 139 (2005)

Givings Recapture: Funding Public Acquisition of Private Property Interests on the Coasts, 27 The Harvard Environmental Law Review 297 (2003)

Recent Developments: Joint and Several Liability and Contribution under CERCLA Sections 107(a)(4)(B) 113(f)(1), 18 The Harvard Environmental Law Review 563 (1994)

Other Publications and Writings

Amicus brief on behalf of Wirginia Winereis Association in Swedenburg v. Kelly, __ U.S. __ (with Adam Mossoff) (10 law professors joined in the brief, including Randy Barnett, Richard Epstein and Paul Finkelman) (2005)

Michigan Prohibition on Interstate Shipment of Wine is Unconstitutional Discrimination, (with Adam Mossoff), Detroit Free Press, December 6, 2004

Mentoring as Duty and Privilege, Michigan Bar Journal, January 2003, at 46

CISG as an Alternative System of Default Rules Governing the Sale of Goods, in Randy E. Barnett, Contracts: Cases and Doctrine (3d ed. 2003)

Works in Progress

Bargaining Power in Contract Theory, in DiMatteo, et. Al., Theories of Contract: A Pluralist Vision of Contractual Obligation

The Historical Development of Bargaining Power as a Legal Concept

Descartes and the Common Law: Visual Depictions of the Relation of Contract, Tort, Property and the Criminal Law (with Charles Ten Brink)

Civil Rights and Natural Rights: Resuscitating a Classical Approach to Political Theory (with Adam Mossoff)

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