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Adam Candeub

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Law Review Articles

Media Ownership Regulation, the First Amendment, and Democracy’s Future, UC Davis L. Rev.(Spring 2008).

What Do Commissioners Want? Estimating Regulator Preferences at the Federal Communications Commission (with Keith Brown, Ph.D.) (submitted draft).

An Economic Theory of Criminal Excuse (draft).

A Theory of Network Build-Out: The Case of Mobile Telephony (with Peter Alexander, Ph.D. & Brendan Cunningham, Ph.D.) (draft).

Nonexclusive Intellectual Property Licensing and Antitrust (with Steven Wildman, Ph.D.) (draft).

Spring Symposium Issue: First Amendment Lochnerism? Emerging Constitutional Limitations on Government Regulation of Non-speech Economic Activity, The First Amendment and Measuring Media Diversity: Constitutional Principles and Regulatory Challenges, 33 N. Kentucky L. Rev. 373 (2006).

The Law and Economics of Wardrobe Malfunction (with Keith Brown, Ph.D.), 2005 Brigham Young U. L. Rev. 1463.

Creating A More Child-Friendly Broadcast Media, 3 Mich. State L. Rev. 911 (2005).

Trinko and Re-grounding the Refusal to Deal Doctrine, 66 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 821 (2005).

Access Remedies After Trinko” (with Jonathan Rubin & Norman Hawker) in Network Access, Regulation and Antitrust (American Antitrust Institute, 2005).

Can the FCC Regulate Media Ownership? American Bar Association, Focus on Law Studies (Jan. 2005).

Network Interconnection and Takings, 54 Syracuse L. Rev. 369 (2004).

Consciousness and Culpability, 54 Alabama L. Rev. 113 (2002).

Motive Crimes and Other Minds, Comment, 142 U. Penn. L. Rev. 2071 (1994).

Supreme Court Shouldn’t Decide Future of Internet (with Peter Yu), The Detroit News, Mar. 29, 2005.

New FCC Rules Raise Questions about Media Owners’ Political Influence, Amicus Magazine(Summer 2004).

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