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Melanie B. Jacobs

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Law Review Articles

Commentary, In Re T.S.J. Redux, Feminist Judgments: Family Law Rewritten (Rachel Rebouche ed. Forthcoming 2019).

Johnson v. Calvert Redux, Feminist Judgments: Reproductive Justice Rewritten (Kimberly Mutcherson ed. forthcoming 2019)

Procreative Liberty For a Price: Single Mothers of Choice, (work in progress).

Parental Parity: Intentional Parenthood’s Promise, 64 Buff. L. Rev. 465 (2016)

Introduction: In Search of Equality in Family Law, 2013 Mich. St. L. Rev. 933 (2014).

Intentional Parenthood’s Influence: If Procreative Autonomy Includes the Right not to Parent, Then Should Federal Paternity Establishment Policy Be Changed?, 20 Amer. U. J. of Gender, Social Policy, & the Law 489 (2012).

Overcoming the Marital Presumption, 50 Fam. Ct. Rev. 289 (2012).

More Parents, More Money: Reflections on the Financial Implications of Multiple Parentage, 16 Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender 217 (2010).

Why Just Two? Disaggregating Traditional Parental Rights and Responsibilities to Recognize Multiple Parents, 9 Journal of Law & Family Studies 309 (2007).

Procreation through ART: Why the Adoption Process Should Not Apply, 35 Cap. U. L. Rev. 399 (2006) (symposium).

My Two Dads: Disaggregating Biological and Social Paternity, 38 Arizona State L. J. 809 (2006).

Applying Intent-Based Parentage Principles to Nonlegal Lesbian Coparents, 25 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 433 (2005) (symposium).

When Daddy Doesn’t Want to be Daddy Anymore: An Argument Against Paternity Fraud Claims, 16 Yale J. L. & Feminism 193 (2004).

Micah Has One Mommy and One Legal Stranger: Adjudicating Maternity for Nonbiological Lesbian Coparents, 50 Buff. L. Rev. 341 (2002).

Shorter Works

Letters: How Many Parents, N.Y.Times, February 2, 2010, at A23 (letter).

Letters: The Complex Parenting Network, N.Y. TIMES, Jul. 23, 2007, at A22 (letter).

Book Review, 8 B.U. Pub. Int. L.J. 579 (1999) (reviewing Timothy C. Shiell, Campus Hate Speech on Trial (1998)).

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