Rebecca López-Garcia

Adjunct Professor
Law College Building
648 N. Shaw Lane Rm 368
East Lansing, MI 48824-1300

  • Biography

    Rebeca López-Garcia is the Principal in Logre International Food Science Consulting, based in Mexico City. Her work involves the implementation of food safety programs and international standards in multicultural environments, regulatory compliance for exporting companies and development of bilingual education programs and materials. She is actively involved in teaching workshops on HACCP, basic sanitation and food legislation to the food processing, retail and food service industries in several countries. Dr. López-Garcia is an adjunct professor at Universidad La Salle, School of Chemistry in Mexico City and is the incoming chair of the Continuing Education Committee at the Institute of Food Technologists. Prior to establishing LOGRE, Dr. López-Garcia was the International Product Manager for Tate & Lyle citric acid. Rebeca López-Garcia received a Ph.D. in Food Science/Toxicology in 1998 from Louisiana State University and has a B.S. degree in Chemistry/Food Science from Universidad La Salle, Mexico.

  • Courses
    • Food Regulation in Latin America
      This online course is designed to introduce food industry professionals and university level students to food law and regulation as it is currently practiced in Latin America. Perspectives from regulatory, commercial and consumer interests will be taken into account. The events taking place in Latin America in food law and regulation will be linked, when appropriate, to the broader movements underway in other regions and on an international basis.