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Academic Achievement

Here in the Office of Student Engagement, Dean Alsup and Caroline Kingston are available to discuss any academic issues that may arise throughout the term or during the exam period. It is recommended that students ending their 1L year, meet for an individualized counseling session to discuss their academic and career goals to build a well-rounded course program.

From immersion week through commencement, the OSE is the place to go for assistance with academic policies, planning, and procedures. OSE staff can provide valuable guidance on course selection and graduation planning, and can answer your questions regarding such matters as the upper-level writing requirement, special accommodations, exam conflicts, and character and fitness issues.

OSE Academic Programming Schedule - 3L Year: Preparing to Graduate - Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 12:00 p.m. (Room 428)

Join Dean Alsup and Caroline Kingston for academic advising and course selection preparations to go over tips designed specifically for 3L students preparing for November course selection, December and May commencement. Topics will include:

  • Final check on graduation requirements
  • Bar applications
  • Character and fitness tips
  • MPRE dates and preparations
  • Fall Commencement details
  • Spring Commencement details
  • Graduating Class Officers information

Please review the video below, Powerpoint and Handout 1, 2 and 3. Stop by the Office of Student Engagement (Room 308) to pick up your copy of the BarBri book that is discussed. For any individualized questions or concerns, please contact us to set up an appointment any time.

For any questions, please email the associate director for student engagement, Caroline Kingston at  

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