MSU College of Law

Support Programs

MSU Law's dedicated staff and distinguished faculty all collaborate toward the goal of making sure each law student's legal educational experience is exceptional. The Diversity Services Office offers a variety of programs and resources to support students and the office's Triple A mission.

A strong support network of friends, colleagues and professionals can help students fulfill their academic, social and career goals.

A. Multicultural Executive Council

The Council streamlines efforts among the multicultural student organizations and serves as a liaison to the Diversity Services Office.

B. Alliance Associations

The goal of these groups are to foster alliances between the Diversity Services Office and individuals from underrepresented populations in law school and the legal profession to ensure their success during their legal education. Student representatives of these populations volunteer to serve as liaisons to the DSO office in order to make sure the needs of their populations are being satisfied while at MSU Law.

Associations such as the Women's Alliance, African Heritage Alliance, and GBLT Alliance, have regularly scheduled programs throughout the academic year.

C. One-on-One Academic and Non-Academic Advising

The Diversity Services Office has an "open-door" policy designed to assist MSU Law students with their day-to-day needs.

D. Student Organizations

At MSU Law, we are proud of the number of student organizations that are committed to promoting diversity in the Law College. Many of these organizations collaborate regularly with the Diversity Services Office to provide support, assistance and programs to the law schools community.