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Intellectual Property Law

The Intellectual Property Start-Up Project (IPSUP) helps qualified Michigan entrepreneurs and small businesses explore opportunities for patent, copyright, and trade secret protection of new technologies. IPSUP works at the MSU Bioeconomy Institute in Holland, Michigan, with the “i6 Green Proof of Concept Center” consortium—MSU, Lakeshore Advantage, NewNorth Center, and The Prima Civitas Foundation—to identify prospective clients that could benefit from IP consultations. MSU Law students conduct legal research, provide basic counsel, and file patents under the guidance of veteran attorneys, helping technology industry clients make their innovations marketable and profitable.

“My work with IPSUP was invaluable—by far one of the best experiences available to me as an aspiring patent attorney. The clinic exposed me to a variety of intellectual property issues and gave me the opportunity to handle my own cases and interact with my clients on a professional level. This kind of practical experience can’t be found in a classroom, and the clinic is a great place to learn how real attorneys function.” — Rachel K. Wolfe, J.D. candidate 2014

“IPSUP offers students the chance to help innovators and entrepreneurs secure their intellectual property rights for their inventions, while helping advance Michigan’s economy. MSU Law students will be at the forefront of technological change, using what they learned in the classroom to gain vital experience and help creative individuals and firms turn their ideas into reality.” — Adam Candeub, director

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