MSU College of Law

Information for Prospective Clients

An individual investor who has a dispute with a stockbroker often fares better when represented by an attorney. Arbitration is the most widely used means of resolving disputes in the securities industry, and most stockbrokers or investment advisors require investors to sign an arbitration agreement. In most cases—including those that go to arbitration—the parties on both sides of a dispute are represented by attorneys. However, many investors with relatively modest claims cannot find an attorney to represent them on a contingency basis and cannot afford the hourly rate for representation.

The Michigan State University College of Law Investor Advocacy Clinic aims to level the playing field by providing representation to investors with smaller claims. Contact the Investor Advocacy Clinic for a free consultation if you have a dispute with your stockbroker or are not sure whether you have a potential claim. The Investor Advocacy Clinic may be able to help you understand the law and decide whether to seek compensation.

NOTE: Contacting the Investor Advocacy Clinic does not mean that the clinic has agreed or will agree to represent you and does not establish an attorney–client relationship.