MSU Law's Career Readiness Guide

Your job is out there. Take charge of finding it. 

You didn't just come to law school to study law - you came here to practice it. It's easy to for the job search to fall to the bottom of your priority list, but it shouldn't. Be proactive and tenacious in the pursuit of your legal career.

The process can be intimidating, so stop by, give us a call, or get in touch. We're here to support you throughout the process.

Assess your strengths and interests to determine how you can develop skills and connections to start on the career path of your dreams! 

  • Conduct some self-reflection to i

    identify what you offer to employers. Complete the CSO's Plan to Succeed Worksheet.

  • Build and continuously update your CASE profile with your contact information, geographic preferences and practice area preferences. Upload current application materials and report any legal-related jobs and job offers.
  • Monitor job postings and plan ahead for your summer experiences.

  • Meet with the CSO for one-on-one advising at least once per year.
You never know who may be able to influence your future: target your networking, but connections can be made in any setting. 

Your social media presence provides one of the best opportunities to connect with professionals and increase your credibility with members of the legal community.

Tailor all required application materials to each employer to describe your unique passions and strengths that match their needs. 


Improve your interviewing skills through strategic preparation, thorough research, and structured practice.

  • Review the CSO’s Interview Guide along with the list of Sample Interview Questions.
  • Use the resources within the CASE Resource Library to research an employer prior to the interview. 
  • Schedule to conduct mock interviews with the CSO through CASE.