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Alumni/Student Mentor Program Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this require?
This will be decided between you and the student, but plan to commit at least one hour per month. This time can be spent in conversation via e-mail or on the phone, or meeting for a meal, coffee or drinks. Some mentors let their student “job shadow” them or have them work on a project of interest to the student. Mentors are assigned for one academic year or longer if time permits.

How much contact will I have with my student mentee?
The student and mentor will determine the frequency and type of contact that works best for each of them. Mentoring that includes multiple conversations and/or visits over time cultivates a successful relationship.

What is the mentor's role?
Mentors serve as an important resource to MSU College of Law students by providing the voice of experience. Mentors can offer advice and inspiration to law students, encourage graduates who are preparing for the bar exam, and provide important information about the practice of law and the job market. It is important that mentors are available and interested in their mentee’s professional development.

Can I participate if I do not live in Michigan?
Yes, and we encourage you to participate. Many of our students will practice law outside of Michigan and are looking for guidance in their chosen geographical area. In addition to the above benefits of being a mentor, out-of-state mentors can offer insight into a region’s culture, tips for passing different state bar exams, and considerations about the legal market.

How do you pair mentors with students?
We ask students to rank their choice of practice area and location so that we can pair each student with a mentor who closely matches these preferences.

How will I be notified of my student mentee?
You will receive an email with contact information for your student. Your student should contact you within two weeks after you receive this letter.

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