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MSU College of Law

Willard and Marion Munro

 Willard (Bill) and Marion Munro, both Michigan State University graduates, believe in giving back to the institution that has given them, their family, and the greater community outstanding educational opportunities and dynamic athletic events. The couple has provided two future gifts of $100,000 each to the MSU College of Law and the MSU Athletics Department. This dual gift was set up as a charitable gift annuity.*

A major reason for giving to MSU runs as deep as family ties. Bill and Marion met while pursuing business degrees at MSU. They dated throughout college and married in 1946. Upon receiving his law degree from Wayne State University Law School in 1951, Bill entered into solo practice in a firm bearing his name in Detroit; the firm later moved to Troy. Although he was a general practitioner, he developed an expertise in federal estate taxes.

Bill was president of the MSU Alumni club of Oakland County for several years, securing gifts from other graduates for student scholarships. The club also hosted social events and postgame parties at top venues in and around Detroit.

In 1992, the Munros’ son, Andrew (Andy), graduated from Detroit College of Law (DCL), now MSU College of Law, and joined the firm, which became Munro and Munro. Bill retired in 1998, and the firm later merged with Howard & Howard.

When DCL affiliated with MSU in 1995 and moved to East Lansing, Bill knew that the Law College would need philanthropic support to forge its new partnership and thrive in its new location. To help ease the transition, Bill and Marion became committed donors. Both recognized that the Law College helps students prepare for a career that fits with today’s reality of law: more technology and greater specialization.

The Munros have been season ticket holders to Spartan football games five decades. Bill and Marion have attended many sporting events at MSU—everything from football to boxing—since their undergraduate years. Their gift to athletics is in support of student-athletes and the program that develops their potential on and off the field.

*By deciding on a charitable gift annuity, the Munros are provided with a guaranteed stream of income at a fixed rate throughout their lives. Upon the death of the surviving annuitant, the remainder will go directly to MSU Law and the MSU Athletics Department. The Munros received a significant charitable deduction on their federal tax return for the year they established their gift annuity.

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A version of this profile originally appeared in the fall 2010 issue of Amicus, published by the MSU College of Law.

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