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Alumni Association Officers

The Alumni Board guides and participates in Alumni Association activities to foster and grow alumni relationships, provide networking opportunities, and support student organizations. We invite alumni who wish to positively impact the Law College to serve on the Alumni Association Board. By doing so, alumni can help enhance alumni programs and services, and promote the College of Law by harnessing the influence, expertise, and resources of our alumni. Board members serve for three years. Members may serve two consecutive terms.

Board meetings are held monthly during the academic year and may be attended via phone for out-of-town members. To be considered for board membership, please complete the attached form (PDF) and submit to Kevin E. Clinesmith at

For more information about the Alumni Association and/or board activities, please 517-432-6840 or email

Executive Board
Brian Hall Howard Victor Karolyn Bignotti
Brian Hall, '07
Howard Victor, '77
Vice President:
Karolyn Bignotti, '09
Bryan Melvin Octavio Duran Daniel Bliss
Bryan Melvin, III '77
Octavio Duran, Jr, '11
Daniel Bliss, '87

Mario Cascante Jerome Crawford James Geroux
Mario Cascante, '10 Jerome Crawford, '12 James Geroux, '70
Aaron Lloyd Jeff Sattler
Aaron Lloyd, '10 Jeffery Sattler '08

Not pictured: Anthony Becknek, '11; Ugo Buzzi, '08; Sherri Marie Carr. '07; Ronald Estes, '05; Kimberly Gehling, '11; Colleen Kelly Gomos, '07; Beverly Helm, '80; Elinor Jordan, '11; Brian T. Lynch, '05

Ex Officio
Dean Howarth April Jones
Dean Joan W. Howarth April L. Jones

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