MSU College of Law


Each year the program hosts an events series bringing academicians, practitioners, and students together to discuss topics in dispute resolution.  Prior speakers include:  Zena Zumeta (2009), Julie Macfarlane (2009), John Lande (2010), Tracy Allen (2010), Marjorie Aaron (2011), and Robert Ackerman (2012).  Prior roundtable events include:  ADR & Healthcare (2009), Faith in Dispute Resolution (2011), and ADR in Government (2012).  In 2012 we hosted the State Bar of Michigan ADR Section’s Annual Meeting at the Law College.  Annually we also host an ADR Tailgate before a Spartans football game. 

MSU ADR Society

The ADR Society is a group of MSU-College of Law students who have a keen interest in furthering their own knowledge and understanding of Alternative Dispute Resolution as well as that of the general student population and faculty. Through a speakers’ series, networking events, social events, and participation in competitions, the ADR Society increases the awareness of MSU Law students of ADR’s prominence in the field while also providing practical resources and support for the ADR Program.

ADR Student Competitions

MSU College of Law ADR students become better-prepared to practice ADR as attorneys by participating in ADR regional and national competitions. Competitions in Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration allow students to obtain a greater command of ADR skills and theory while also providing the opportunities to meet ADR professionals from around the country and network with other students interested in ADR.  The negotiation competition team is selected through our Spring Intraschool Negotiation competition.  Last year nearly 80 students competed to determine Michigan State’s top negotiators.  The mediation competition team is selected through an interview and intensive two-course sequence.  The arbitration competition team is selected through a formal tryout.

See our competitions page for more information.