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Crafting a Winning Law School Personal Statement

Tuesday, October 21, 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., EST

This webinar will offer a wide-ranging series of recommendations for writing a winning law school personal statement, including potential personal statement topics, steps to take when writing the first draft of your personal statement, and how to convey meaningful insights to law school faculty and staff who ultimately will act on the admissions application.  In the 15-minute Q and A segment following the formal remarks, the presenters will  respond to questions from webinar participants. 


Our featured presenter is Mike Spivey, a veteran law school admission professional who has lead the admissions and employment efforts at Vanderbilt University Law School, Washington University Law School, and the University of Colorado Law School.  Mr. Spivey has counseled thousands of students through the admissions and scholarship processes.  As founder and partner of Spivey Consulting Group, he and his associates provide clients with a range of tailor-made services and strategies for gaining admission to law school. 

Eamon Ladewski has been a law school admissions professional at three law schools and has advised prelaw students since 2009.  As associate director of admissions at Michigan State University College of Law, he counsels prospective law students at each phase of the application process - from freshmen in college to candidates who have been offered admission.

Law Students

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