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Nicole Sigurdson, '12

Associate, Dinsmore and Shohl
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hometown: West Lafayette, Indiana
Previous Education: B.S. Biochemistry

Why did you choose Michigan State Law for your legal education?
I chose MSU Law because it offered an environment that I felt would allow me to succeed in my academic and professional career. The school offered several courses in the specific area of law I was interested in and also offered many extracurricular activities that would allow me to meet other students that I shared a common interest with and hone my legal skills. On my visit, everyone seemed very helpful and willing to speak with me about my concerns and answer all of my questions. Overall, I chose MSU based on the wide variety and number of opportunities available, and the friendly and open atmosphere I experienced on my visit.

Nicole Sigurdson

What aspects of your legal education best prepared you for the practice of law?
The main aspects of my education at MSU Law that best prepared me for the practice of law were the professors and my extracurricular involvement. My professors not only taught the curriculum extremely well, but also taught me how to study and prepare for exams. I learned to be thorough and deliberate when studying the material, preparing my assignments, and communicating with other legal professionals. The two years that I spent on the Michigan State Law Review were also indispensable to my legal career. I was able to improve my writing skills and have the opportunity to be a leader within the journal and my school. My professors and my time on the Law Review prepared me to be a lawyer and my experience provided me with the skills to have a successful career.

What advice would you someone who is thinking about a career in law?
I think the best advice I could give is to take your summers between law school years very seriously. I had two wonderful summer experiences at different firms in different states, but each experience gave me more insight into what I wanted out of my career and future work place. The summer is not a time to relax after classes are over. I would suggest taking that time to try different legal areas you are interested in, speak to lawyers in the types of workplaces and positions you would like to have, and determine the type of career and workplace that appeals to you.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?
As a patent lawyer, I really enjoy the opportunity to learn something new and interesting each day. I am constantly exposed to innovative discoveries, cutting-edge technology, and enthusiastic inventors with each new matter. I have the opportunity to be a part of a process that ensures new products are continually developed and implemented into everyday life.

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