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Evan Gaines, '12

Associate, Gaines & Gaines, APLC
Calabasas, California
Hometown: Woodland Hills, California
Previous Education: B.A. Film Studies

Why did you choose Michigan State Law for your legal education? 
I chose MSU because I wanted to experience something different. I wanted to have a fall and winter, live in cold weather, and experience the Midwest. I also wanted to go to a Big Ten school so I could enjoy the athletics and the big school experience that I missed in undergrad.

Evan Gaines

What aspects of your legal education best prepared you for the practice of law?
Research and Writing provided the most immediate impact in my work. Writing is everything in our field, and being able to say something with the least amount of words is an art that takes time to acquire.  Also, taking classes that were extensions of first-year courses provided an understanding of those basic subjects that I could use immediately in the office. 

What advice you would offer to someone who is thinking about a career in law?
Take your time, think everything through, and know what you want before you enter the fray. Take time after graduation from undergrad and work for a few years, even if it has nothing to do with the law. Once you have that perspective of what life is like in the real world, you’ll be more mature in your studies, and you will develop better skills to study with. I found myself much more prepared entering law school at age 25 than at 22.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?
I am helping people who need help. Taking a client intake call, hearing the story, counseling the client through each stage of litigation, and obtaining a positive result is as rewarding as you can get. When you’re able to give your client the peace of mind so they can sleep at night makes you understand why you decided to become a lawyer.

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