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Jerome Crawford, '12

Associate, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Troy, Michigan
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Previous Education: B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science: Law and Society (Prelaw)

Why did you choose Michigan State Law for your legal education? 
As a MSU undergrad, I already had a strong affinity towards the Green & White. However, MSU Law won me over via its commitment to personal service provided by the professors, faculty, and staff. Everyone made me feel truly at home from the day I expressed interest until the day I walked across the graduation stage (and still today).

Jerome Crawford

What aspects of your legal education best prepared you for the practice of law?
I would have to say that the “practical experiences” I had during law school best prepared me to practice law. Those experiences are better classified as my involvement in the Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Board (Trial) and the Trial Practice Institute (TPI). Both of these programs helped me hone many real lawyer skills that certainly give me a boost in my practice.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking about a career in law?
My father once told me that a law degree is like a giant key that can open any door into any field of work you wish to go into. I couldn’t agree more. Earning a J.D. not only qualifies you for the practice of law, but also represents a symbol of dedication, prestige, and hard work. To those interested, I would say to explore that interest and determine if a legal education can help you attain your goals; if so, then commit fully to law school because the grind will definitely be a vigorous one.

Tell us about a personal accomplishment that you achieve outside of law school. 
As coordinator of the Alumni Weekend for MSU Law’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA), I had the pleasure to serve as a volunteer with a Detroit-based organization called Boys Hope, Girls Hope. I had the opportunity to mentor several middle school and high school aged young men about the importance of focus and how to be successful in realizing their goals. Through this incredible experience, I gained a greater realization that the youth are looking up to us as future lawyers (and leaders) of our communities. I understand the great duty we hold because “to whom much is given, much is required.”

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