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iGrad Financial Planning Resources for Members of the 2015 Incoming Class

The Law College is pleased to provide you free access to a wealth of financial-planning resources in the form of “iGrad,” a web-based product designed to help MSU Law students learn more about a range of financial topics.

We believe the articles, video clips, and short courses available to you through iGrad will allow you to be that much more successful in your financial-planning efforts before, during, and after law school.

As an incentive for you to complete at least four of the iGrad modules, we will give a free copy of Save Wisely – Spend Happily: Real Stories About Money & How to Thrive from Trusted Advisors. (Be sure to use your full first and last name when creating a profile so that we will be able to verify your identity. Note that we will provide this publication to the first 100 students in the 2015 incoming class who complete at least four modules!)

If you have any questions regarding iGrad or any topic relating to financial aid, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Garcia at or 517-432-6810.

About iGrad

The centerpiece of iGrad for law students is the Financial Literacy course covering one financial-planning topic in each of nine modules. Each module features a combination of online articles and short video clips, in addition to a “pre test” and “post test” that allows you to test your current knowledge and your mastery of the subject. It’s estimated that each module will take 30-60 minutes to complete.

In addition to the nine modules of the Financial Literacy course, the iGrad web site includes a series of articles and iGrad TV segments relating to a cross section of financial topics. Though some of these articles and segments are geared toward undergraduate students, most apply to students at the graduate level.

It’s important to note that iGrad, as a third-party vendor, will not share your name or contact information with any other party.


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