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3 + 3 Legal Education Accelerated Program (LEAP)

Earn Your Undergraduate and Law Degrees in Six Years

Legal Education Accelerated Program (LEAP)

The Legal Education Accelerated Program (or “3+3” program) allows qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to earn their undergraduate and law degrees in six years. Students admitted into the program complete three years of undergraduate study and then apply credits earned in their first year of study at MSU Law toward fulfillment of their baccalaureate degree requirements. LEAP students reduce the cost of their undergraduate education by as much as 25 percent while entering the legal workforce one year sooner than they otherwise would.

To be eligible for the LEAP, a student must be enrolled in a LEAP Partner institution* and must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of at least 75% of the course credits required for the undergraduate degree by the end of the student’s junior year, with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.60 or higher.
  2. Achieve a score of 153 or higher on the Law School Admission Test.
  3. Apply prior to February 1 of the junior year in college, with strong letters of recommendation provided by faculty members and a character and fitness record that suggests that the applicant has the requisite maturity and character needed for the practice of law.

LEAP candidates who meet the stated requirements and who apply be February 1 can expect to be notified of their acceptance to the College of Law within six weeks of applying. In some instances, the Admission Committee may require a candidate to interview with the dean of admissions.

LEAP Partners:

*A student enrolled at college or university that is not a LEAP Partner may be granted acceptance to the College of Law as a LEAP student if s/he meets the stated criteria and gains the necessary approval from an authorized academic official at the student’s undergraduate institution.

For further questions regarding the 3-3 program or to request a phone consultation, contact the Admissions Office: 517-432-0222 |