MSU College of Law

MSU Law Course List

Number Name (Credits)
634 Canadian Summer Law Placement (6)
631B Investor Advocacy Clinic I (6)
631M Food Law Clinic I (6)
630R Immigration Law Clinic I (6)
630Q Plea and Sentencing Clinic II (4)
530S Constitutional Law and the Regulatory State (4)
630P Plea and Sentencing Clinic I (4)
630Z Civil Rights Clinic II (4)
631F Chance at Childhood Clinic (4)
501B Basic Income Taxation B (4)
631J Indian Law Clinic I (4)
628 Law Review (4)
630X Civil Rights Clinic I (4)
630D Tax Clinic II (4)
630C Tax Clinic I (4)
501D Trusts and Estates (4)
530B Contracts (4)
501D Decedents' Estates and Trusts (4)
500P Evidence (4)
630V Housing Law Clinic I (4)
500G Property (4)
630W Housing Law Clinic II (4)
631D Conflict Resolution Clinic I (4)
500N Constitutional Law II (4)
500R Torts I (4)
530A Civil Procedure (4)
630T Great Lakes First Amendment Law Clinic I (4)
579Y Capital Punishment (3)
810F Codex Alimentarius (3)
Advertising Law – Food Focus (3)
547 Admiralty Law (3)
623B Trial Practice Institute: Pre-Trial I (3)
810R US Food Imports: Process, Regulation, and Food Safety (3)
541E Family Law: Marriage & Divorce (3)
565A Animal Law (3)
810E Animal Health, World Trade, and Food Safety (3)
541M Matrimonial Practice (3)
810G Food Regulation in Latin America (3)
810M Regulation of Agricultural Production & Marketing (3)
810P Biotechnology Law and Food Products (3)
579K Law and Religion (3)
501M Commercial Transactions Survey (3)
533K Patent Law (3)
810J Food Regulation in Asia (3)
512G Strategic International Transactions (3)
535D Intellectual Property Survey (3)
524B Securities Regulation I (3)
537J Lawyer Ethics and Regulation in a Technology-Driven World (3)
548N Public International Law (3)
525 Torts II (3)
810Q Global Risk Regulation - Food Focus (3)
810C Food Regulation in Canada (3)
616C Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (3)
810D International Food Laws and Regulations (3)
630G Indigenous Law and Policy Center II (3)
541Q Global Perspectives on Women in Law (3)
512K International Commercial Arbitration (3)
625A Law Externship (3)
587F Mediation Advocacy and Domestic Relations Mediator Training (3)
501J Secured Transactions and Practice (3)
506E Consumer Bankruptcy (3)
804 Research, Writing & Advocacy: International LL.M. (3)
506F Chapter 11 Reorganization (3)
594A Contract Drafting (3)
501F Sales and Leases (3)
501G Payment Systems (3)
804A Legal English I for Foreign Lawyers (3)
630K Street Law - Teaching Law to High School Students (3)
806A American Constitutional Law for LL.M. (3)
579X Constitutional Litigation (3)
630F Indigenous Law and Policy Center (3)
810B Food Regulation in the European Union (3)
587E Mediation Advocacy and Civil Facilitative Mediator Training (3)
810A Food Regulation in the U.S. (3)
636 American Legal History Seminar (3)
805A Negotiation for Foreign Educated Lawyers (3)
550A Topics in Conflict of Laws: Choice of Law (3)
623D Trial Practice Institute - Trial I (3)
810N Survey of Intellectual Property in Agriculture (3)
623E Trial Practice Institute-Trial II (3)
566P Urban Food, Farm and Agriculture Law Practicum (3)
505D ADR in the Workplace (3)
591G Communication Skills for Lawyers (3)
805 Civil Litigation Practice and Procedure for Foreign Lawyers (3)
533Q Communications Law and Policy (3)
616B Criminal Procedure: Investigation (LL.M.) (3)
566A Environmental Law (3)
541J Integrative Law & Social Work (3)
500M Business Enterprises (3)
548E International Environmental Law (3)
516 Mergers and Acquisitions (3)
535P Information Privacy and Security Law (3)
804E Writing in Practice – LLM (3)
512E International Trade Regulation (3)
508B Corporate Finance (3)
540A Basic Will Drafting (3)
505A Commercial Arbitration (3)
550 Conflict of Laws (3)
804C Communication Skills for Foreign Educated Lawyers (3)
579F Equity (3)
540D Estate and Gift Taxation (3)
540C Estates and Future Interests Drafting Seminar (3)
548C European Union Law (3)
579G Federal Jurisdiction (3)
541F Family Law: Child, Family and the State (3)
533C Cyber Law (3)
616B Criminal Procedure: Investigation (3)
508C Corporate Income Taxation (3)
533B Copyright Law (3)
617D Evidence and the Expert Witness (3)
532 Administrative Law (3)
511C Employment Law (3)
579J Jurisprudence (3)
500F Criminal Law (3)
500Q Professional Responsibility (3)
541S Seminar in Race, Law and American Culture: From Slavery to Post Civil Rights (3)
579P Legislation (3)
635B Federal Law and Indian Tribes (3)
624 Directed Study – Summer Academy in Global Food Law & Policy (3)
515 Law and Economics (3)
Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience (3)
637E Quantitative Analysis for Lawyers (3)
566B Land Use Planning (3)
511D Labor Law (3)
Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations (2)
566M Comparative Environmental Law (2)
587G Advanced Mediation (2)
530N Research, Writing & Analysis: Criminal Law Perspective (2)
635A Advanced Topics in Indian Law: Tribal Law (2)
525B Topics in Tort Law: Advanced Products Liability (2)
579U Topics in Constitutional Law: Judicial Biographies (2)
524C Current Issues in Securities Regulation (2)
635A Advanced Topics in Indian Law: Indian Child Welfare Act (2)
545K Halal Food: An Introduction to Islamic Laws and Ethics (2)
530E Research, Writing & Analysis: Intellectual Property Perspective (2)
545M International Law and Armed Conflict (2)
566N Agricultural Law (2)
530G Regulatory State (2)
530J Advocacy (2)
530T Advanced Civil Procedure (2)
810S Food Law Current Issues Seminar (2)
530D Research, Writing & Analysis (2)
Methods for Assessing the Nervous System (2)
508K International Corporate Governance (2)
558S Biotechnology Law Seminar (2)
591F Negotiation Advocacy (2)
551E Judicial Politics (2)
579M Legislative Drafting (2)
501K Basic Income Taxation (2)
566K Climate Change Law and Policy (2)
631P Human Trafficking Civil Litigation Clinic I (2)
616E Federal Investigation and Prosecution (2)
558T Advanced Studies in Health Care Law (2)
524A Securities Litigation Seminar (2)
635A Advanced Topics in Indian Law: Global Perspectives on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2)
508F Corporate Governance and Compliance (2)
551C Public Law Colloquium (2)
565C Legal Issues with Energy Development and Wildlife (2)
548J International Taxation (2)
537G Virtual Law Practice (2)
541T Immigration Consequences of Crime (2)
545G Military Justice (2)
530Q Research, Writing & Analysis: Social Justice Perspectives (2)
535N Trade Secrets (2)
558U Health Care Organization, Reimbursement and Regulation (2)
500U Topics in Professional Responsibility: Comparative Professional Codes of Conduct (2)
537M Litigation: Data, Theory, Practice, Process (2)
537N Legal Analytics (2)
500U Topics in Professional Responsibility: Comparative Professional Codes of Conduct (2)
541R Topics in Family Law (2)
537P Design Thinking for Legal Services (2)
566Q Regulating Environmental Risk (2)
605A Hospitality Law (2)
541U Refugee and Asylum Law Seminar (2)
533G Media Law – Online (2)
618 Topics in Criminal Law: The Criminal Jury Today (2)
627R Trial Competition (2)
627P Arbitration Competition (2)
545E Global Perspectives on Education Law (2)
627M Mediation Competition (2)
810K Administrative Law: Food Safety and Labeling (2)
627G Williams Institute Moot Court Competition Class (2)
627J NNALSA Moot Court Competition (2)
603B Housing Law and the Public Interest (2)
537E Entrepreneurial Lawyering (2)
627Q Appellate Competition (2)
804E Writing in Practice – LLM (2)
807A Foundations of Law and Legal Research (2)
566R Agriculture Special Topics: Pesticides, Fertilizer, and Conservation (2)
551D Government Relations and Lobbying Law (2)
Introduction to Legal Analysis & Process (2)
537Q Delivering Legal Services:New Legal Landscape (2)
535M Topics in European Private Law and Intellectual Property Law (2)
537D E-Discovery (2)
627K Moot Court Competition Seminar (2)
627N Negotiation Competition (2)
623C Trial Practice Institute-Pretrial II (2)
626D King Scholars Seminar (2)
623F Trial Practice Institute: Expert and Scientific Evidence (2)
512M Japanese Legal System (2)
592 Law Practice Management (2)
541B Domestic Violence (2)
541A Child Advocacy (2)
591B Complex Civil Litigation (2)
533E International Intellectual Property Law (2)
591C Negotiation (2)
541R Topics in Family Law: Comparative Family Law (2)
626C King Scholars Jurisprudence (2)
541K Juvenile Law (2)
587C Civil Trial Advocacy II (2)
587B Civil Trial Advocacy I (2)
629A International Law Review (2)
629B Journal of Medicine and Law (2)
635A Advanced Topics in Indian Law (2)
533J Patent Application Preparation (2)
505C Problem-solving Approaches to Conflict Resolution (2)
551B Constitutional Law Topics: Free Expression (2)
533N Trademark Law and Unfair Competition Law (2)
617A Criminal Trial Advocacy - PreTrial (2)
579N State and Local Government Law (2)
549C Special Topics in Comp Law: Comparative Constitutional Law (2)
572B State and Local Taxation (2)
566C Natural Resources Law (2)
627F Niagara International Law Competition (2)
609 Sports Law (2)
595 No-Fault Insurance Law (2)
593D Remedies (2)
533F Licensing Intellectual Property (2)
519 Partnership Taxation (2)
601 Construction Law (2)
522 Products Liability (2)
593C Mortgages (2)
517A Mortgage Finance (2)
572D Tax Policy Seminar (2)
586 Advanced Legal Research (2)
502 Accounting for Lawyers (2)
558F Medical-Legal Problems (2)
610 Workers' Compensation (2)
593A Michigan Civil Procedure (2)
565B Wildlife Law (2)
627A Moot Court Competition (Class) (2)
566D Water Law (2)
548Q Transnational Legal Research (2)
572A Practice and Procedure Before the IRS (2)
505B Arbitration (Labor) (2)
549D Comparative Free Expression (2)
504 Antitrust Law (2)
590A Applied Evidence (2)
507 Business, Securities and Tax Planning (2)
591A Client Counseling and Interviewing (2)
548K International Civil Litigation (2)
579C Constitutional Law Seminar (2)
617C Criminal Trial Advocacy Post-Conviction Remedies (2)
508D Advanced Corporate Law (2)
617B Criminal Trial Advocacy Trial (2)
558R Medical Malpractice Litigation (2)
593G Consumer Law (2)
629C Journal of Animal Law (2)
501A Basic Income Taxation A (2)
593J Closely- Held Business: Shareholder and Member Disputes (2)
500C Constitutional Law I (2)
533R Patent Litigation (2)
635A Advanced Topics in Indian Law: Indian Gaming (2)
533W Topics in Property Law: Eminent Domain Seminar (2)
579U Topics in Constitutional Law: Fourteenth Amendment Equality Seminar (2)
501E Secured Transactions (2)
579V Constitutional Law of the European Union (2)
541P Gender, Power, Law & Leadership (2)
500U Topics In Professional Responsibility (2)
533A Advanced Patent Law (2)
514 Insurance Law (2)
512B International Business Transactions (2)
548F International Human Rights (2)
505J Online Dispute Resolution (2)
558J Health Care Fraud and Abuse (2)
548M Laws of War (2)
533G Media Law (2)
548G International Sale of Goods (2)
627E Jessup Team (2)
541G Immigration Law (2)
558C Health Care Law (2)
513 Franchise Law (2)
579D Education Law (2)
558N Assisted Reproductive Technologies Seminar (2)
579R Law and Interpretation (2)
566J Energy Law and Policy (2)
579E Election Law (2)
540B Estate Planning and Drafting Seminar (2)
558B Food and Drug Law (2)
600B Legal Analysis, Practice Application and Writing (1)
600C Michigan Statutory Personal Injury Practice (1)
545N Jewish Law (1)
600G Problem Solving in Michigan Family Law (1)
545J Political Systems and Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe (1)
626A Perspectives on Law for King Scholars (1)
629D Journal of Business and Securities Law (1)
537C Legal Services Act and UK Deregulation (1)
537B 21st Century Law Practice (1)
537A Legal Information Engineering & Technology (1)
535E Capstone Intellectual Property and Communications Law Seminar (1)
535F Intellectual Property Practicum (1)
579U Topics in Constitutional Law: Comparative Citizenship (1)
509A Analytical Methods for Lawyers-Microeconomics (1)
509B Analytical Methods for Lawyers-Statistics (1)
545B European Union Labor Law (1)
545C Constitutional Law of the European Union (Study Abroad) (1)
637C Analytical Methods for Lawyers-Corporate Finance (1)
579W Rule of Law and Jurisprudence (1)
637D Analytical Methods for Lawyers-Game Theory (1)
600E Problem-solving in Contracts (1)
530F Contract Negotiation (1)
530K Foundations of Law (1)
530C Lawyers & Ethics (1)
535K Topics in Cyberlaw from an International Perspective (1)
535G Topics in International IP (1)
512P Introduction to Public International Law (1)
Comparative Law: European Union and Eastern European Trade and Business Practices (1)
549E Topics in Comparative Law: European Union and Eastern European Trade and Business (1)
537K Strategic Management and the Economics of the Legal Services Industry (1)
600D Problem-solving in Property (1)
631C Investor Advocacy Clinic II (1)
623A Trial Practice Institute: Theatrical Skills - Advocacy as a Performing Art (1)
545F Introduction to Islamic Law (1)
600A Michigan Legal Analysis and Writing (1)
530P Effective Legal Analysis & Process (1)
535J Topics in Comparative Copyright (1)
Introduction to Comparative Law (1)
Topics in Intellectual Property (0)
626B King Scholars Program (0)
579U Topics in Constitutional Law (0)
Special Topics in Neuroscience and the Law (0)
525B Topics in Tort Law (0)
627D Frederick Douglas Team (0)
623G Technology Enhanced Trial Advocacy (0)
Corporate Law Colloquium (0)
American Indian Children & the Law (0)
Corporate Law & Finance Seminar (0)
Scientific Research Regulation (0)
631N Food Law Clinic II (0)
548Z Topics in International Law (0)
631K Indian Law Clinic II (0)
512N International Alternative Dispute Resolution (0)
808A Intellectual Property Thesis (0)
631A Intellectual Property Start-Up Project (0)
627C Moot Court Board (0)
537F Law Practice Innovation and Entrepreneurship (0)
630S Immigration Law Clinic II (0)
545D Global Law Colloquium (0)
International Law Colloquium (0)
505G Arbitration Advocacy (0)
International Taxation and Tax Treaties (0)
804D Reading Comprehension Skills for Foreign Lawyers (0)
631E Conflict Resolution Clinic II (0)
625D Law Externship Seminar (0)
624 Directed Study (0)
623J Trial Practice Institute: Trial Practicum (0)
630U Great Lakes First Amendment Law Clinic II (0)