Virtual Law Practice

Course Number: 537G

Description: This course is directed primarily to students interested in gaining a practical knowledge of virtual law practice, unbundling and alternative forms of technology-driven legal service delivery. Students will study ethics issues and best practices for the use of these delivery models. In addition to a strong focus on unbundled legal services, other alternative or complementary forms of legal service delivery covered will include: the virtual law firm, the branded network concept, online dispute resolution, franchised law firm models, alternative business structures, web advisors, alternative billing methods, pro and “low” bono programs using online delivery, marketing a virtual practice, and collaborative methods of online delivery. The methods of practice management covered in this course will apply to a broad spectrum of students interested in both traditional and technology-enabled law practice. Students will be required to complete a business plan for a law practice that integrates one or more methods of online legal service delivery discussed in the course.