Research, Writing & Advocacy: International LL.M.

Course Number: 804

Description: Designed to teach international LL.M. foreign lawyers fundamental skills necessary for legal reasoning, research, and written communication in the United States common law system. The course consists of two components: Research and Writing Seminar. The research component of is designed to introduce students to basic legal research concepts and sources. Sources covered will include: secondary sources, statutory law, case law, and administrative law. At the end of the course students will be able to perform basic research functions, in both print and electronic format, including how to determine that a source is complete and current and how to effectively use free electronic resources as an alternative to print and fee based electronic resources. The Writing Seminar component of the course begins with the Writing Skills Inventory, and ends with the Writing Proficiency Test. The topics covered on the Writing Proficiency Test are covered in the Writing Seminars taught by the Writing Specialist. The Writing Skills Inventory will help students identify the areas they must work on to pass the Proficiency Test. Unlike the Writing Skills Inventory, the Proficiency Test will use examples and language taken from legal writing. Open only to students enrolled in the LL.M. for Foreign-Educated Lawyers Program.