Closely- Held Business: Shareholder and Member Disputes

Course Number: 593J

Description: This course will examine the common problems, issues, actions, and defenses associated with closely-held business owner's disputes in both a corporate and limited liability company context utilizing Michigan Law as an example. The course will review these problems and issues from an owner's perspective as well as from the business's perspective. This course is designed for those students desiring to become transactional business attorneys to give those students a working knowledge of the basics of this area of the law so that they may consult with business owners both before and after disputes arise, provide strategic and interpretive support to litigation attorneys in the advent of litigation amongst owners, and draft appropriate entity governance documents. A segment of the course will also discuss measures and actions that may be taken to prevent, minimize, or discourage disputes. This will be an interdisciplinary course where students will be able to use concepts of tort, contract, real estate, corporate, limited liability company, employment, tax and potentially many other areas of law. Classroom panel discussions based on actual Michigan case complaints and a final paper will be required in lieu of a final examination.


Prerequisite(s): Business Enterprises