Small Business and Nonprofit Law Clinic I

Course Number: 630E

Description: (Formerly DCL 624) Supervised clinical practice requires students to assume substantial responsibility for representing clients with various business and transactional matters. Clinical Residents will explore and begin to develop the fundamental legal skills and professional values involved in practicing law-particularly those in business and transactional law. They will develop an understanding of business logic and the importance of adding value to a transaction. Depending on case assignments, law students will gain experience interviewing and counseling clients, negotiating with other attorneys and parties, planning, negotiating and documenting transactions and dispute resolutions, conducting factual investigations and legal audits of businesses, and monitoring and advising compliance with federal, state and local statutes, rules and regulations. Pre-requisites: Business Enterprises. Also preferred, but not required: Accounting for Lawyers OR Corporate Finance. Competitive selection process. In addition to class times, students enrolled in clinical programs must work a minimum of 12 hours at the clinic each week (in general, each student puts in an additional 12-15 hours weekly). NOTE: Enrolled students must attend a mandatory two-day clinic "Boot Camp" that takes place on the Saturday and Sunday immediately before the first day of class. Please see the clinics' website for additional information.


Prerequisite(s): Accounting for Lawyers, Business Enterprises, Corporate Finance