Topic in Intellectual Property and Communications Law: IPR and International Technology Transfer

Course Number: 535C

Description: (Formerly DCL 574) PREQUISITE: A course in the Intellectual Property & Communications Law Concentration or by permission of the Instructor. NOTE: This course cannot be used for summer graduation or for the July Bar Exam certification. Every summer, the Intellectual Property & Communications Law Program and the Institute of International Agriculture jointly sponsor a one-week internship program in intellectual property rights with a focus on technology transfer, use, and management with the context of GATT/WTO. This program provides hands-on training in the day-to-day handling of intellectual property matters in university, business, and other settings. More information about the program is available at Participants are required to attend ALL sessions of the internship program and complete a seminar paper. They are also required to submit an outline, a rough draft, and a final draft and maintain regular contact with the instructor. This course may fulfill the ULWR requirement. As this course is a fee-based seminar offered by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, MSU Law scholarship awards cannot be used for this course.